How do I... put my camera on this tripod?
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I bought a Cameron T100BH tripod, and the top of it looks like this. My camera (Fujifilm X-70) has the normal screw-type thing at the bottom to attach to a tripod. I was too embarrassed to go back and ask the camera store about this, but is there a way this camera can attach to this tripod that I am missing, or is there an adaptor I can get?

Please be kind if this is an obvious question, I have procrastinated on figuring this out for ages because camera people can be gatekeepery jerks. Thanks!
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There’s a detachable bracket with a standard 1/4” screw that fits into that slot. If it wasn’t in the box you should go back to the store, if you got it somewhere else I think you’ll need to order a replacement. It’s called a “tripod plate”.
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Response by poster: Thanks, that's good to know! There was nothing else in the box, and going back to the store is not an option... is the bracket something I could buy separately?
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Usually, yeah, and not for much money. Look for “[tripod brand] compatible tripod plate”.
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Here is one online
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It’s probably likely the exact same part as from another brand, but with these store exclusive brands, it is hard to tell what works with what
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Yup, Advicepig has it. That’s what you need.
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Response by poster: Thank you both!
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From the looks of the tripod, it uses a standard "Arca-Swiss" or "Arca-type" plate. Though I'm surprised it didn't come with one, any generic Arca-type plate ought to fit.
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Agree, that sure looks like an arca-swiss quick release. In which case any generic Arca-Swiss plate should work. It's not unheard of for tripods using one of the standard (yet so many to choose from) adapter plates to not come with the plate because a) brand name ones are expensive and b) once you have one for your camera you don't need extras and c) many photographers have more than one tripod and more than one head for the tripods they have. My Manfrotto/Bogen plate lives on my camera and fits several of the tripods I have and even the custom attachments I've made.

It's kinda stupid the camera store didn't talk to you about this though. Both because now you are dis-satisfied and also cause they missed the high margin upsell.
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What's that silver allen head screw in the centre? If that is holding the plate onto the ball head/tripod, try taking it off and you may be able to screw the camera directly to the head.
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It absolutely should have come with the plate, it's in the parts list on that product page. You should look through the packaging for it and if it's missing then call the store. They owe you a plate.

You can't attach the camera to the ballhead without the plate.
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