SUPER far fetched - findig someone in nyc
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i'm in va, a friend has gone missing in nyc. how can i help look for him?

long story, short-ish: my friend lost everything in an apartment fire while in the midst of an extreme manic episode. yada yada yada, his sister finally found him inpatient at bellevue - but then he was released after a few weeks.

as someone who is not family, is there ANYTHING i can do? local groups or gathering places that i can post to? he is severely immunocompromisesd and we are all just really worried and scared.
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posted by nirblegee at 10:22 PM on April 3, 2020

It looks like people post to the NYC subreddit. Also look at the Missing Persons heading here (including their Twitter account).
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I would call the NAMI-NYC hotline at 212-684-3264: they might have good ideas for you.
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