What is this recipe: red wine and cherry pie edition
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I used to have a recipe for a very special cherry pie. It had a chocolate crust, and called for one or two lbs. of dried cherries that you soaked in red wine. Where did this recipe come from, what is it called, and would anyone be willing to send it to me? I’ve decided that this is the stress baking project I need today. Thanks, folks!
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I googled dried cherries and red wine pie and got this.
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Response by poster: Mine had a chocolate crust and was baked in a dish.
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Any other clues? Like when you first baked it, where you yourself got it from, etc.?
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Response by poster: Pretty sure it was from a cookbook published in New York or New England. It might have specifically requested dried Montmorency cherries.
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There's plenty of recipes for chocolate pie crusts out there. You can use the recipe tmdonahue found with the crust of your preference.
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