What is the best translation of this from Latin to English?
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Robert Boyle quotes Paracelsus (in De Mineralibus Tractatus) as saying this about minerals: "Sed et hoc verum est, in terra multa adhuc condi, quae mihi incognita sunt, sed eadem nec alii norunt. Certum siquidem est, progressu temporis tot tamque varia à Deo adhuc proditum iri, de quibus nemo nostrum nedum unquam somniavit." [image] What is a good translation of this into English?
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Something like:

And indeed it is true that there are many [minerals] stored in the earth, which are unknown to me and which others also do not know. It is certain that given the progress of time, so many various [minerals] hitherto [unknown] will be brought forth by God, which none of us has scarcely ever dreamed of.

Lots of caveats here: I know pretty much only republican/early-empire Latin, and this was written in the 15th century. I can't quite make the progressu...iri clause work out, and the commas seem weird, but I think the gist is there and better (hopefully) than google translate. Perhaps a medievalist will log on and set us straight!
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