We're not doing the pottery wheel scene from ghost.
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It's my 9th Wedding Anniversary. So I need some ideas of pottery themed activities that can be done in London in Late June. Please do bear in mind the possibility that we may (or may not?) still be living in a terrible dystopian future at that point.

Hit me up with your best Pottery themed activity ideas or associated puns.
(I'm sure there will be some wizard suggestions....)

Every year so far I've asked this question, here are links:
(1) Paper (Gave a paper together at a conference)
(2) Cotton (Bought Cotton hammocks and slung them in our new boat to sleep in on the trip home)
(3) Leather (Ate mind bogglingly pricy steaks {leather being the package that steaks come in})
(4)Linen And Silk. (Had a picnic in the park on a Linen blanket, and bought a nice silk pillowcase)
(5) Wood. (Tried to go to the Black Forest for a walk in the woods, but ended up doing some renovating woodwork)
(6) Iron (Bought a Waffle Iron, Went on an old Iron Railway then came home and watched Iron Man whilst eating Flat Iron Steaks)
(7) Wool/Copper. (Sponsored and met some famous alpacas, then visited a sculpture made of coppers and glue then went to a pub on copper street.)
(8) Bronze. Learnt to play the Gamelan (an indonesian bronze multiplayer instrument / orchestra)
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If you can't go out and about, you could always make pinch pots at home.

(I always forget you ask this question annually, and then I see it and get delighted all over again. Happy anniversary!)
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Buy a bunch of cheap pots at a charity or pound shop and then find someplace to go where you can throw them and/or smash them. You could write negative emotions or traits on them so the smashing is symbolic. Leave a few with positive traits to take back home and plant something to nourish.
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V&A ceramics guide I like the Victorian memory mosaics.

Or the Japanese tradition of Kintsugi There are many online sites that sell objects or kits.

Happy Anniversary!
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In case we're still living in a terrible dystopian future in late June, you might want to browse Etsy or maybe this list of projects by London-based ceramicists and buy some interesting ceramics to be delivered to your home, whether that's in the shape of art or ornaments to be admired, cookware to use or tableware to eat and drink from. Order now, then don't unwrap till the anniversary.

If things have gone partway back to normal, so that it's OK to explore the city again but museums and workshops and the like aren't back yet, you could get yourselves permits from the Port of London Authority and go mudlarking for clay pipes and historical potsherds, or go out hunting Invader's street-art ceramic tile mosaics, or roam the Underground in search of mosaics in the stations, or take a look at the moving and memorable Memorial to Heroic Self-Sacrifice in Postman's Park.

And if things have opened up fully, these are pretty obvious suggestions, but plenty of places will let you make or paint a pot; or you could look at cuneiform tablets in the British Museum, enjoy one of the finest collections of ceramics in the world at the V&A, or learn about the contemporary ceramics world at the Contemporary Ceramics Centre on Great Russell Street.
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Maybe binge-watch the Great Pottery Throw Down?
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Watch a Harry Potter marathon? Someone had to say it.
And in that case -- there are Hogwarts-themed tours, and various other themed events you can stage or participate in.
Or make/decorate a related pottery object, such as an owl, dragon, quidditch, broom, wand, etc. Don't forget a toast with tankards of butterbeer.
This also sounds like an excuse to go to an amusement park and ride the roller coasters, such as the Universal Studios Orlando exhibit, or go behind the scenes at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London. Here is one comparison.

In more "pottery for its own sake" themes:
You can harvest clay for pottery. This Popular Science article includes refining the raw clay, basic concepts (exploding clay is a bad thing), and DIY clay firing for the final product.

Homemade play dough clay or cold porcelain clay recipes. The classic Christmas tree ornament starter kits for hours of entertainment. Good for a child's hand print (I still have one on a wall).

Merriam-Webster -- putter around: to spend time in a relaxed way doing small jobs and other things that are not very important.
Take this as an opportunity to kick back, relax, and enjoy nine years of wedded bliss. And go golfing -- with a putter.
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Greeks smash plates at parties, so you could always celebrate that way!
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