FB Deleting Notifications?
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Recently FB has just been... Deleting my notifications. This is on the website, in Firefox 74.0 on Desktop. I'll see the red number badge over the bell, indicating x notifications. I click, and they're not there. Sometimes they repopulate, other times they don't.

I've tried searching for a simple answer or setting maybe I Drunkenly changed but nothing I see in settings seems to have a "clear/delete" notifications option.

In fact there don't seem to be many options for the website notifications thing, mostly it's for SMS, Email & Browser popup notifications.

The only things I can imagine are:

1) FB is just being glitchy again (I do note there is a "new" FB option, so maybe that's it? a rollout of that?)

2) I recently started Work from home and use company VPN on the work computer. Don't have problems during the day with it, as far as I noticed. But then after work on my computer it's deleting so - might it be that it's "scrubbing" them since I'm not on the VPN or maybe it detects a conflict?

Any other ideas?
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Best answer: We encountered the same issue with two different browsers (Opera and Firefox) trying to manage our corporate facebook account and pages today. I thought I messed something up because the Instragram account was delinked from the facebook one, and I relinked them this morning, but I really don't think that has anything to do with it. I suspect it was just a facebook glitch/issue/improvement/upgrade.
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Facebook is glitchy. As it was in the beginning, is now, and forever shall be, world without end. Amen.
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My FB notifications are completely unreliable.
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I have seen this before when a spammy comment gets left on a picture. A notification is created, "BuyBitcoinNow Smith commented on your picture", but when the account is reported as fraudulent, the comment gets deleted but the notification remains.
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Best answer: FB eats notifications if you have it open on another computer's browser. FB is also glitchy AF, so it's extremely hard to compare experiences
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It seems to be working as per normal today.
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Response by poster: Thanks all, seems to just be FB being... FB :( I am assuming it's due to the VPN. I've never experienced it when I've been logged in at my parents house after leaving (bad idea. Conservative dad leaving "joke" comments under your name on news papers ). Seems strange it's happening now. Anyways, thanks again!
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