What's the best Mac App Store App for burning a DVD?
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I have been using Toast DVD to burn an MP4 video file for family and friends. Yesterday it decided to start crashing in the middle of burning for no apparent reason so I need to find a new app ASAP. The Mac App Store makes it really hard to assess if an app will do what I want to do so I've been buying up apps that turn out to not have the features I need - I was wondering if you could help me skip that step. Help me before I run out of blank DVDs!

Here are the features I need:
- Let me input the average frame rate/quality I want to burn at - extremely high (the dvds that I burned with Toast using these settings look great.......if toast would just not crash........)
- Let me use a custom splash screen
- Let me indicate that I want the DVD to autoplay
- Let me indicate how many copies I want to burn

Here are the features I don't need:
- Video editing. This part is already done. I just need to drop the MP4 and go.
- Ease of use. As long as the features above are present and there's documentation somewhere I can figure it out.
- Low price. I really need to get this done and I'll pay whatever.
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Response by poster: Oh and I did try deleting Toast and re-installing it but it had no effect.
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If you're creating identical DVDs, why not just copy one of the DVDs you already have?
You can use the Mac's Disk Utility to do so.
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Response by poster: I don't have any of the old ones I made, I sent them all away :( It never occurred to me to keep some to make copies of unfortunately.
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Best answer: Burn is a pretty good open source alternative that works on 10.9 and higher.
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Response by poster: Well I managed to get Burn to convert from MP4 to MP2 (which is apparently what Toast was having trouble with) and then burn it using Toast (because Burn doesn't want to actually Burn, of course), but it looks like garbagio. I guess what I really need is a high quality MP4-Mp2 converter?
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If you're on a Mac, do you have iDVD (the built-in DVD software)? That will burn a DVD although I don't know all the specifics. The preferences settings will allow you to adjust to a 'professional' encoding and will allow you to adjust other settings.
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