What's the best way to fax a PDF without a landline?
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I have a packet of forms as a PDF that I need to get to a doctor ASAP for some medical stuff. Their office wants these documents by fax, not email. I'm stuck at home with no fax machine or even a landline, but lots of internet access.

Googling gets me a lot of fax-by-email setups, but most of them come off kind of scammy to me. I'm hoping someone here has experience with a way to do this that doesn't feel like I'm posting a bunch of personal information to the front page of 4chan or something.
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Best answer: I've been using HelloFax for years for both work and personal faxing--it was the only fax we had at one of my agencies. You get a confirmation email when it's been transmitted.
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My ISP offers a FAX line as part of its member services. If you don't mind some Internet rando (me) being an intermediary, you could hit me up on the MeFi messages, we could exchange email, and I could send 'em for ya.
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I've used FaxZero for years.
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Just MeMail'ed you.
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I use Spruce Health because most of my stuff is HIPAAed
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Definitely "Fax Zero". No question.
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Response by poster: For posterity, I ended up using HelloFax because it was the first workable option that popped up and I was under time pressure (but thanks for the other suggestions and offers, all!). It got the job done.
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