canadian kids show ear worm
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help me find this song: my kids were watching Canadian TV shows c. 2011-2014. they watched a ton of TVO and CTV and possibly CBC but i cant recall. there was an alt-folk song, possibly an actual song adjusted for the kids, or possibly original for the TV show or network in question. it was vaguely alt rocky and had a kind of off-the-beat banjo/guitar/mandolin vibe.

im pretty sure it had words about "i know a place" and green something, and ontario. 99% sure it mentioned ontario. it might have been an intro, or a full song/music video.

goodness its killing me. i loved it when we lived there and know i have found it online since moving but now i cant eveb remember who or what or why or when.

note: its definitely not the everyone loves marineland tv commercial.

hope me
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Response by poster: more details that are occuring to me. im pretty sure the band was, lets say, famous... or at least popular. but i might be wrong and they may have been a made up TV band.

it was a male lead singer with a higher pitched soft voice.
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Could it be this A place to grow?
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Response by poster: Could it be this A place to grow yt ?

thank you but not even a little. it was singer songerwriter style from the mid 2000s to early 2010s and was definitely sung by some early 20s hipsters.

edit: think like broken social scene or something. very up tempo acoustic guitar.
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Best answer: It was called The Green Belt Song!
It wasn’t an official band- it was created and sung by the TVO Kids in-house team as part of TVO Kids’ after school programming.

Come on, let’s go, to a place I know,
In Ontario, where the Green Belt grows!
Don’t think twice, take my advice,
this local Paradise is so very nice!

In perfect rows, the apples grow
In silver lakes, the waters flow
So come with me, you want to go
To a beautiful land called Ontario!
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This ? From 2010.
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Response by poster: It was called The Green Belt Song!


now i need to hear it. lets make this happen. basic googling isn't doing it. come on lets go!!!
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Best answer: I think I found it on YouTube! Come on Let's Go (song) (found on a list called Greenbelt Kids).
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Response by poster: think I found it on YouTube!

You so very did. Damn I love this place!!!!
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I honestly clicked through onto this thinking it was about some parasitic infestation of children living north of me, but I'm glad to learn it was not, and that the question was resolved.
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