What's the best basic video tutorial for Zoom?
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I'm hosting a Zoom book club, but some of the members have not used Zoom before. What's the best video tutorial that covers the basics (non-host)? They only need to know how to join a conference, how to test the aud/vid, and how to set up Speaker/Gallery view.
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The official tutorials on Youtube are pretty good.
I've also found it helpful to give new Zoom users a screenshot of the main window and point out the different icons, especially mute/unmute and video. I've used this image.
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Will everyone be using a laptop or will some be joining by phone (for both video and audio)? The interface looks very different on a phone.

You might also want to prepare the book club members with a "what to do" if things freeze up, they lose connection, inadvertently leave the meeting etc. I don't have great wifi/internet at home, so often end up turning off my video when I'm teaching, especially if I'm using screensharing.
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It helps to point new users to Zoom's test room so they can try out their connection and audio/video settings beforehand.
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there are several tutorials by zoom
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