Best online video classes/activities for little kids?
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Title says it all -- music classes/cooking lessons/science demonstrations/etc.? Would love ideas, esp. if interactive in some way.

I have a 4 and 6 year old who would gladly watch Bearenstain Bears and Arthur all day. I'd love to find more online videos for them to watch -- like exercise classes, ballet, music lessons, language lessons. Really anything to get them interested and maybe moving, that we could all do together. Interactive in some way is ideal.

I'm not expecting much, as long as it keeps their attention and is at least mildly educational.

I know this is quite broad, but I have no idea where to begin -- so any suggestions are very welcome!
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My kids have enjoyed doing Cosmic Kids Yoga - she has videos themed around popular stuff like Frozen, Pokemon, and Minecraft. They also like Joe Wicks' exercises for kids.

My older kid who is REALLY into Pokemon has loved playing Prodigy, a free Pokemon rip-off where you have to do maths problems to battle. It all runs through a browser.
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They might be a little young, but the National Weather Service offices have been running a ton of online "Weather 101" classes (for example, this one from the National Hurricane Center, or this from the NWS office here in Nashville).

My younger boys also like the Smarter Every Day guy on Youtube.
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I found this one on the Blue (I think) a week or so ago - the Cincinnati Zoo is doing at home safaris for kids, with videos and activities.

Many museums are also posting fun activities for kids, like the Museum of Science and Industry. Check your local museums and those far away.
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PBS Kids has online games and videos, and there's a banner on their site that says: "School closed? Get daily activities & tips to help kids play and learn at home." with a link to sign up for daily emails. This is part of PBS' an at-home learning response, which appears to be tailored to local/ state curriculum (, covering San Diego County in California, as an example -- I've seen something similar for New Mexico). There's a K-12 schedule for educational programming on live TV, which I'm guessing is being rolled out with localization across the U.S. I'm not sure where you are located, so you may be able to poke around different PBS stations' offerings and find different programs and support.

Bo on the Go! (Wikipedia) is on Netflix, at least in the US, and appears to be officially on YouTube, too. It's a kid-focused "get up and get active" program with some call-and-response and audience engagement.

For little ocean explorers, The Octonauts (Wikipedia) is good focus on ocean life and problem solving; also on Netflix and officially on YouTube.

There are a lot of language learning options (2016 list from FluentU, but I haven't verified this list at all), and plenty of videos on YouTube. Just looking around with my kiddo (age 5), he got sucked into a Russian language video for kids.
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"The kids should see this" have lots of great bite sized videos.
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Official MomFest has a daily list of story times, drawing classes, sing alongs, etc. I know a four year old who particularly loves the daily Mo Willems Lunch Doodles listed there.

KidPass has online music, movement, and other classes. Looks like you have to pay but there’s a one month free trial.

GoNoodle has movement videos, including Disney themed ones.

The Monterey Bay Aquarium has animal live cams and does some Morning MeditOceans on their YouTube channel.

Note that my kid hasn’t loved any of these that we’ve tried, but I think that’s partly because he’s only two. I’m guessing your kids are more at the target age range.
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Response by poster: This is so beyond what I even expected -- I am out of the loop! Love these ideas (and if you have more, I'm all ears!!!) Thanks!
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They are aimed for kids a little older than yours, but the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History is doing webinars for kids. The next one is April 2nd on How Birds Stay Warm (it will be on Zoom).
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Coming back to add some art-related resources.
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I don't know where you're located but if you are on EST, the New England Center for Circus Arts has live, online kids' classes (pay-as-you-can). Kid classes are divided into Tots & Parents, Preschoolers, Youth, and Tweens and Teens.
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