DJs on Twitch?
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I stumbled upon this guy who is just playing a DJ Set in his living room that sounds like what you would hear in like, a cool bar in a cosmopolitain city. I am loving it.

There are 3 people watching and no one chatting and it's glorious. Does anyone know of other DJs who play sets like this on Twitch?

The audio quality is just so much better than instagram live. I'm genre agnostic, just wondering if anyone knows of other personal DJ accounts on Twitch.

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My (internet) friend Brady does this. I agree, glorious.
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Most of the DJs and bands I know are doing this frequently. If you follow them on FB or whatever social media you prefer, they will announce when they're playing. You can also just search on twitch and get notified when the livestreams happens.

Some examples:

Bluetech, Beats Antique, Kaminanda, Merkaba, Papadosio / Earth Cry, DJ Slave 1, Genie Love
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The SF Queer Nightlife Fund is doing weekly tea dances on Sunday afternoons with several local DJs, on twitch and fb live. It's a fundraiser to support people who work in queer nightlife.
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Yeah, pretty much every DJ and promoter I follow around the world has been doing this – on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook Live, etc. Some promoters have organized entire online "raves" – like, 36 hours of DJs, with virtual video-chat lounges so that attendees can interact with each other.

If you already know a little about this scene, then just find the DJs you like on social media, and follow them. They'll let you know when they're planning to stream.

If not: no time like the present to start, eh? A few random folks that I know have streamed recently: Cinthie (classic house; Berlin); DJ Spen (gospel house; Baltimore); Stylo (house; Baltimore); and Lovegrove (mellow house, with occasional forays into, like, loungey yacht-rock remixes; Baltimore).

Seriously, though: almost any DJ who was playing out prior to the pandemic has simply switched to streaming. I'll continue to post links as I come across them. I know you say that you're genre-agnostic – but if you come across a particular DJ or genre that particularly pushes your buttons, that'd help us to provide helpful recommendations.
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If you don't mind older sets (as opposed to livestreamed ones) – and if you like old-school, joyful, hands-in-the-air house music – then Jurek Jurkowski's YouTube channel is all that you need. Three generations of DJs, tag-teaming from a living room in Poland. (This ten-year-old kid is one of my favorite DJs, and I'm not even joking.)
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(And, again – if you don't mind pre-recorded sets, as opposed to livestreamed ones – I can offer a shit-ton of recommendations from YouTube, once I'm done working for the day. Just say the word.)
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Sorry, one more: this little local-to-me promoter has been posting whenever an area DJ has a livestream. Lots of smaller-name bedroom DJs, if that's more what you're looking for.
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A friend of mine DJ's on Twitch and is live right now.
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Not on twitch, but Boiler Room has an entire series of DJ sets specifically for the current situation on their youtube channel, and Resident Advisor had an event that took up most of the weekend, although theirs had 3d visuals in lieu of a live video stream.
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I'm actually just now getting a streaming set up going for my own DJ sets. I don't have a regular club gig at the moment (and may or may not ever get one going again), but I was a club DJ for about 15 years and still do little events and sets just to stay in practice, and because I love doing it. I'm looking to start streaming a deep house / "eclectic chill" set every friday on Twitch at around 4:30pm Pacific. There may be some nu disco / electrofunk / "eclectic fun" sets in the future, too.
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This page from Resident Advisor has lots of info about upcoming DJ-centric livestreams.

You should definitely check out Octo Octa. She's been doing livestreams, and gives great sets.

Slope114 aren't DJs – they produce their own music – but they've streamed a couple of studio sessions. House music with modular synths, vocals, and Bernie Sanders samples.

1432R is a really cool label/collective out of Washington, DC. The label's catalog is a unique blend of experimental house music with Ethiopian influences, but their DJ sets are typically more straightforward. I don't think they've streamed since the pandemic began, but they've done occasional streams before.
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Dave Dresden (from Gabriel & Dresden) has been doing this for a couple of weeks! In fact it's 2:30 AM and he's on right now!!

Others I watch occasionally: DJCicco, Mad_Rabbits, KobiLAX
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Here's a friend of mine who's been doing this. Mostly retro, 1920s-30s, jazz and big band stuff.
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