What to do in Amsterdam and Fortaleza...
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Any ideas?

I'm spending one afternoon/night in Amsterdam with my wife and then we're off to Fortaleza in Brazil for 3 days and nights on business/pleasure.

I wanted some ideas of what we could do in both places during our time there. I'm particularly interested in some nice restaurant recommendations for Fortaleza.

Oh and by the way, within reason...we're quite open-minded :-)
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In Amsterdam, see a sex show at the Moulin Rouge.
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How about these things? What do you like to do? What do you want to do? Do you like art, whores, blow, or water lillies? Come on, my friend, give us something here.
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What time of year will you be here in Amsterdam?

Plus what kcm said.
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I'll be in Amsterdam this weekend and any other sex show recommendations would be welcome...
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Fortaleza is a great place to shop. There's a market along the beach that opens every night around 5 and closes about 10. You can find some amazing deals on handmade lace. There are lots of other things there and the prices are great. Ask anyone where the big feira (FAY-ra) is and they'll help you out.

But, of course, the best thing in Fortaleza is the beach. If you can, head to a beach out of town.
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I have to laugh (at myself) because despite being walking distance from the RLD, I've never been to a sex show ... never heard of the Moulin Rouge (well not the Amsterdam one at least!)

Dunno if it's your thing, but the van Gogh museum is open until 10pm on Friday nights. If you're interested, that is definitely the time to go because the place is practically empty then. There's currently a Rembrandt/Caravaggio exhibition on.

I'm not sure what the forecast is for this weekend, but it has been coooooooold here lately. If it's also going to be yucky when you're here, you're probably going to want to huddle up indoors somewhere. Canal boat tours, while terribly touristy on the surface, give you a fabulous view of the city without having to traipse around the footpaths in the freezing drizzle. A few of them leave from the Centraal Station area.
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Way off topic:

I have an idea - keep in mind that readers of the regular front page of AMF (not via RSS) don't see question titles until we click through. All that's on the FP for your question is "Any ideas?" Sure, I have lots of them! That's as bad as this guy who put his entire 267-word question on the front page. Maybe I'm on crazy pills, but could we at least get these edited by a moderater?

Sorry for the derail; more on topic, I hear Amsterdam is a great place to do some bicycling - without having to worry about getting hit by a car, or having to breathe a lot of exhaust fumes - because almost everyone else is on a bike as well, or on foot. As far as Brazil...no clue.
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(warning, first link is self link)

As a public service I have created a number of training videos designed to answer exactly the question "What should I do in Amsterdam?". Be aware I make no money whatsoever from this, and have no affiliation with the The Greenhouse Effect.

You aren't supposed to trip out in the bar, but once you've finished peaking it is a nice place to have a few ciders and mellow out.

The people at the smart shops will tell you that one portion of mushrooms is enough for a trip, but I recommend at least 1.5 - 2 packages for a fully grown adult. The fresh Columbian ones are the best (scroll down).
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