LF plain cotton plus sized underwear
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I have been buying plain cotton underwear from Hanes and Women Within for a while now, but the customer service is really bad and they don't keep track of my orders online very well at all ( like I can't find orders I made in my account a year ago). I want to buy reasonably priced plus-sized cotton undies online from a place that does these things better. The reasonably priced = $4-5 apiece at most. (These are non frilly non fancy plain underwear. The kind you buy in multipacks.) Does anyone have favorites they recommend?
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You could order from Marks and Spencer in the UK. They have a US site. Their underwear is very good quality, affordable, and comfy. They go up to a UK size 28, which is a 26 in US sizes. Might work?
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Honestly, Lane Bryant cotton underwear is really good, and they pretty much always have deals going where it's like 5 for $30, so maybe a dollar or two above your budget but they'll last you a good long while. You can get plain solid colors or patterns as you like.
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Could you buy the same thing but from Target? They sell plenty of underpants in multi-packs ... I don't know about the specific ones you're looking for, but my Target has an *entire wall* of plastic bags full of underwear...
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You can buy Hanes underwear at Kohl's or Target, either online or in the stores.

For nicer-but-still-basic cotton underwear, I buy Jockey (sometimes from Kohl's, but usually from Jockey). They have a couple of lines of plain cotton underwear -- they cost a bit more than Hanes, but last longer -- and they often have sales on line (like right now, everything is 25% off).

(I used to buy Hanes, but I wind up spending less on underwear with Jockey.... Also, the skimmies/slipshorts are great with skirts/dresses in summer.)
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I know amazon is a...problematic source right now, but these specific fruit of the loom underwear are my favorite everyday plain undies I've ever owned. They're 95% cotton, 5% spandex. The sides are ribbed and it adds to the comfort for me. It's a 6 pack for $16.
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I prefer the hanes just-my-size and have no trouble finding them at Target online or in person.

I've also noticed that the hanes/JMS website is terrible, I used to get all my bras and underwear from from the catalog in the 90s and then online up until 10-15 years ago. I still check it before going to target and they always are more expensive and often are out of stock.
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I buy pack cotton undies from Kohls. This link should narrow the site down to multipack panties. For some reason the multipacks are only shown under "Womens" and not "Women's Plus" but the listing includes all available sizes for the multipacks.

Also with Kohls, they have continuously rolling percent off and "kohls cash (time limited gift card)" promotions so you should basically never ever pay the price on the site.
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I also purchase Hanes plus-sized undies from Amazon. I find that this works fine if you already know the size and style you want.
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Seconding Jockey - can also find on Lord and Taylor online as well as Jockey.
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You might give men's briefs a try. They're much cheaper than women's, better made, and stretchy enough that fit really isn't a problem.
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