Can I drink this? Random Persian liquids
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Random bottles left behind in my apartment by someone who was from Iran. I don't read Farsi and apparently, Google Translate doesn't either?

Images of both bottles here. Someone commented that one bottle contains a kind of brandy. The other bottle seems like it might be some kind of pomegrante thing... Can I drink it?
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They're both Armenian, not Iranian.

The first one is a bottle of Ararat.

The second one is an Armenian pomegranate wine. I can't find a link to the exact brand.

I would drink (or not drink) these based on how I felt about drinking any other kind of leftover brandy or fancy fruit wine.
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Both look untouched. I'd definitely try the brandy, Ararat's a top brand.
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Ooh yeah definitely drink that Ararat!! It's really good!
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