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I'm looking for recommendations for San Francisco-based headhunters to help me find a technology job (ideally in the financial sector).

I'm currently in NYC, so I don't know much about SF-based firms. I'm hoping someone can let me know of a positive experience with a headhunter in the Bay Area (either the buy side or sell side) - that is to say a honest, well-connected recruiter. So far I've got some names by looking for recruiters that post openings on sites like hotjobs and dice, but I'm not sure these guys are necessarily the best place to start.
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Wollborg Michaelson has a crappy website, but don't let that fool you, they have a very friendly staff and helped set me up on interviews for permanent positions AND have arranged me temp and temp-to-hire jobs.

I have less experience (only done one job) with Certified Employment, but the woman who worked with me there found me a job something like 45 seconds after I gave her my availability.

Somewhere out there hiding from me at the moment is a pdf file showing the top 15 headhunting agencies in san francisco. try googling for that.
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