Recommendations for a mailing list host?
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Does anyone have a good mailing list company to recommend for a big weekly e-mail newsletter? I send a plaintext e-mail newsletter to a mailing list of 25,000 or so double-opt-in subscribers - mailing them 10-15k of plaintext every week or two - and my current host of several years - Sparklist - is giving me billing trouble. My hosting fee used to be less $100 a month and now they're charging $500 or more. I'm looking for a new company to send out the list, give me a control panel to add and remove subscribers, and give a price closer to $100/month than $500.

Note that I'm looking for a company to give me online access to send/manage subscribers ... I'm not looking to run this myself with listserv, majordomo, or some other app that I'd run myself.
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My organization's been astoundingly happy with ConstantContact. Reasonable prices, non-profit discounts, and helpful phone staff if you ever need it.
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We've been happy with Campaign Monitor -- their fee schedule is $5 / mailing + $0.01 / list recipient.
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If you're looking for an ASP solution, I thought the folks at Emma were super nice. Their product is definitely geared towards the design agency/non-profit crowd. I've also heard good things about MailChimp.
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I have a lot of experience with Constant Contact as a web designer and my clients love it. I have also heard good things about something called Vertical Response.
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Thirding Constant Contact. My boss switched to this service recently and she raves about how much better it is than our former one (sorry, not sure what that one was).
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What about Got Marketing?
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Thanks, all - I've heard great things about Constant Contact as well, and my team has also consulted to them on their user experience. My only issue, for my newsletter, is that I don't think they support plaintext - they're HTML all the way.
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With the volume that you're looking at, along with the fact that it's plaintext, I'd recommend contacting SwiftPage Email. They offer low rates and if you ever go to HTML, they accomodate very easily.

Disclaimer: I work for a company that has a product supporting the SwiftPage platform for HTML.
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They do support plain text. The preview window has 2 tabs, one for HTML and one for plain text. You can also enter different information in each.
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