Cooked recipes using coconut yogurt
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I have a lot of coconut yogurt (similar to Greek yogurt, but not quite as sour) I need to use up by Tuesday or Wednesday. I would like to cook or bake with it. I have some flour being delivered on Tuesday and have a couple of recipes in mind, but I'd like to use some up before then. Any ideas? Other possible ingredients listed inside.

I'm unfortunately missing a few staples at the moment due to obvious shopping-related issues (ie. avoiding going to the store as often, other people panic buying all the flour).

Some things I do have:
* Almond meal
* Oats
* Margarine and oil
* Maple syrup
* Custard powder
* A small amount of sugar
* Dried cherries
* Various canned and jarred fruits (peaches, mango, jackfruit, plums)
* Some nuts and seeds

I have tried using supercook for ideas, but it keeps suggesting frozen things. I would like something cooked.

Thank you!
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An easy, flexible, and delicious option is to bake up your own granola and make a fruit + yogurt + granola parfait. I've been loving this large-chunk granola recipe -- it's easy to sub in whatever nuts, fruits, etc. you have on hand.

I've had good luck with almond flour / almond meal pancakes. There are good recipes out there both with eggs and without eggs . You can top them with some of the other things you have in stock -- nuts, cherries, maple, etc. A couple thoughts on substitutions:
- The yogurt can sub for whatever milk the recipe calls for. You'll want to water it down a bit so the batter is an appropriate thickness.
- The eggless/vegan recipes call for baking soda or baking powder plus an acid as a raising agent. If your yogurt is acidic enough, you may need less (or no) acid to activate the raising agent.
- The eggless recipes also call for tapioca flour. You can substitute cornstarch, rice flour, or several other flours if you have 'em.
- If you have almond meal rather than almond powder, you might want to give it a blitz in the blender or food processor to make it finer.

If you do happen to have eggs, you could do something fancy like French macarons filled with greek yogurt frosting.
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The almond meal pancakes are such a good idea. I really need to use up the almond meal. I can't believe I didn't think of watering down the yogurt and using in place of milk in a recipe!
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Serious Eats recently published a guide of all the many things you can do with yoghurt. Here.
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Coconut yogurt can make a fantastic marinade. Mix it with the mango, turmeric, garlic powder (or fresh if you can), ginger powder (ditto), and some olive oil. Add Cayenne if you like, too. Marinate chicken for a couple of hours and roast at high heat.
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if you happen to have sweet potatoes laying around you can whip it into those. Or if you have any frozen or fresh fruit laying around you could always smoothie/lassi it.
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I use whole milk plain yogurt in place of buttermilk (or milk + lemon juice/vinegar, which may work better than buttermilk in most recipes) in pretty much every baking recipe that calls for it. The results are better than with either option at my altitude, and would probably work just fine elsewhere. Resist the temptation to water it down too much; that hasn't worked as well in my experience. I use a 1:1 ratio (but am baking at a mile over sea level, so YMMV).
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