Insurance policy for cameras and laptops?
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Camera & Laptop insurance? I came across a thread that begins to answer my question, but doesn't quite provide a solution. My renters insurance will not allow me a rider to cover personal property outside my home, so I'm looking to buy a policy that will cover only my gear in the event of theft or damage. Recommendations for a specific agency or policy would be very welcome.

I'm not certain if it makes a difference, but I live in Chicago. It'd be nice to deal with someone locally, but doesn't matter all that much.
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The National Press Photographer's Association offers equipment insurance for its members.
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I once had a laptop policy through Safeware. (My laptop is now on my renters insurance). I never had to file a claim so my experience with them is pretty much limited to forking over the money. Before I went with them, though, I did a bit of Googling around and satisfied myself it was an OK enterprise. I don't believe they cover anything but laptops, but on the plus side, the coverage is pretty generous.

Sorry I can't answer the camera question.

I don't know if switching renters insurance companies is an option, but if it is, you could probably get a better total price, compared to taking out (potentially) three separate policies.
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I got a policy for my camera and lenses through State Farm, I also have renters through them but this is a whole other policy. Its for complete replacement cost for theft or damage, it was very cheap but i don't recall the price, less than $100 a year (for $7K worth of equipment).
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We have State Farm home owners with a special rider for three (3) laptops. Covers theft and all damages (including the ever popular, oops I spilled coffee / tea/ water/ coke). I think for all three laptops it is less than $50. Good Luck
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rmhsinc stole my post. I bought a policy through State Farm (the same insurers as my renters and car) *literally* yesterday.

It's on a 12" PowerBook, for actual replacement cost (so, you're not screwed when it happens).

Cost me $33 for a year. Probably some of the best money I could have spent. One word of warning - doesn't cover anything used for buisness, so if you use your equipment for something other than just hobbies, you can't go that route.
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