Can anyone offer guidance for using Photoshop/CS6 with Catalina?
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I want to update to Catalina, but I don't want to stop using my copy of Photoshop (CS6). I'm told that there's a way to tell CS6 to go 64-bit, but the information on the internet is confusing, to say the least. Are there any MeFites who have solved this conundrum?

Thanks in advance for any help that is offered.
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I assume you mean Catalina, which is the recent 64-bit only macos. I don't know the answer, but that might help your searching!
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Response by poster: Jeez, I must have taken the stupid pills this morning. I've been searching with the right terms, but I must have had my head up my keister this afternoon. Thanks for the response.
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The only way of doing that that I've heard of is creating a virtual machine (VirtualBox is free) and installing an older version of MacOS on it.
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I'm sure there's a way, but as someone who has spent multiple hours over the last several weeks making my sure my various systems play nice with each other, I can heartily recommend against trying to do anything fiddly with Catalina unless you want to invest a serious amount of time in it. Apple has changed a lot under the hood this time.

1. My (admittedly highly-customized, so I'm sure that's part of the issue) older MBpro is supposed to be able to run Catalina just fine, according to Apple. No joy. Keeps having firmware problems.

2. We ended up downgrading the more recent Mac Pro I'm typing on back to High Sierra, because Catalina wasn't playing nice with institutional VPN.

3. My music rig is a hackintosh, and I'm leaving it on the last (pre-High) Sierra update for now, and just keeping it off the internet - it's allowed on the fileserver and that's it. If I were dependent on an Adobe product I would be doing the same.

If you aren't wanting to run an entire second machine, it's not difficult to run OSX from at least as far back as 10.11 off an external drive - IME significantly less fiddly than getting a program to run on an OS it wasn't designed for, and with modern SSD and bus speeds, experientially not significantly different from an internal drive.
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Response by poster: Thanks very much to all who have answered so far, and especially to aspersioncast.
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