Gift ideas for isolating friend
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My friend recently had a 40th birthday. She is also about to defend her dissertation. I missed her birthday because I've been self-isolating for the last two weeks. I really want to get her something special....

...but I'm fresh out of ideas, and exhausted trying to think of what would be a good gift when we're all isolated in our houses.
She is a big fan of Prince, but has lots of his music/apparel already.
She has two boys (ages 9 and 5) with whom she and her husband are quarantined in a VERY small apartment.
What delivered item would you enjoy in similar circumstances?
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Does she drink? A fancy bottle of wine/champagne/liquor or a fancy cocktail kit might be nice to have with husband after the kids go to bed.
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if i was trying to get thesis work done in a small apartment with 3 people, 2 of whom were noisy children, i would kill for a good pair of full-ear-covering noise cancelling headphones, but i feel like there could be a nonzero chance of that potentially being perceived as an? offensive?? gift? idk?
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I would say anything fresh or special food-wise would be amazing, especially things that feel very much for the adults, like fancy good cheese, wine, fancy chocolate or even fresh flowers. Anything that reminds her the world is still out there and wonderful and waiting for her.
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Mother of two young kids here and I jumped on to say noise cancelling headphones. Poffinboffin, I don’t think it’s offensive, I think it’s very practical and thoughtful as a gift and acknowledges that being home with kids 24/7 isn’t the dream for even the most devoted parent. I’d think you were my friend who really got it.
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Maybe you could think of a game to send and then schedule times to play it with the kids. Battleship would work for that. Get a board for you too. My oldest has been doing mad libs over video and that works too. My friend is dropping off her collection of puzzles and model kits to help entertain my kids, and I consider that a gift for me too! I think something that would entertain the family would be a really thoughtful gift.
You could even say, “you’re going to go take a bath or relax in your room and I’m playing with the kids over video.” Maybe send her bubble bath, a robe, etc for her. So she could sort of have some time off.
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Toilet paper is the new flowers, I hear.
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Ye, offer to "babysit" the five-year-old by setting up a Skype with him and reading to him or playing with him. You could both sit with a bunch of small toys like cars and figures and blocks and play together with his character attacking the screen and your dinosaur figure. Offer to do this on a daily basis.

If she does not have the set up at home to enable this, give her the components necessary to do it, like paying to upgrade her connection, or sending her another computer for the kids to use so they aren't using hers.

Ask her if there are supplies she needs that she has not been able to source, and source them for her and have them delivered. She would probably be delighted to get a grocery basket of perishables. They are probably out of bananas by now. A gift basket of baking supplies including the pans, or of art materials suitable for all ages, or a subscription to some educational kids games might also go over well.

Order from somewhere like this?
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