I already know they should stay home! Seeking support group
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Seeking and online support group for people whose relatives at higher risk are ignoring COVID-19 advice, refusing to self-isolate, etc.

What I'm looking for:
I have relatives with multiple risk factors who refuse to isolate (not in my household). I'd like to find some sort of text based chat group or board where I can talk with others in the same situation. Preferably not on Reddit, but still interested in resources on Reddit.

What I'm not looking for:
I'm not looking for any sort of paid group that meets at a certain time with a professional.

I'm not seeking articles with tips on how to talk to relatives.

Not looking for admonishments that the older relatives need to stay home. I am isolating but cannot control the decisions of other adults.
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some chapters of Codependent's Anonymous are hosting online meetings. I strongly suspect that the exact conversation you are needing is happening in those spaces.

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Following this with interest, as I'm feeling this stress too. If you don't come across any groups and just want to co-vent, feel free to PM me!
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