Online singing lessons for beginner
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My spouse is tone deaf and earlier this year was talking about wanting voice lessons to see if that could be changed. I’d like to line up online lessons as a surprise — where should I look? Are there special kinds of voice teachers who work with total beginners?
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You may find this recent question of mine useful.
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"Tone deaf" often means "Hears fine, processes sound fine, just hasn't really learned how to recognize when two notes are the same pitch or how to listen closely to their own singing voice." Those skills are more complicated than you'd expect — especially, on that second one, for people who are insecure about their voice and find listening to it to be emotionally difficult — but they're definitely learnable.

If that's what's going on, then someone who teaches singing and ear training might be a good match. That's a pretty common pair of things to specialize in, so finding someone who does both should be pretty easy.
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A friend just forwarded me this: It's a collective of musicians who, in these Coronavirus times decided to do online teaching. Voice lessons is one of those. You could probably send an email to them with this query and see who of the collective feels equipped for the particular interest your spouse has.
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