Charities helping the hungry homeless during COVID?
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It looks like the pandemic is (or will soon be) upending nearly every system of support for the urban homeless. What Toronto charities are in a position to be delivering meals to those who are sleeping outside? If people want to drop info pertinent to other locales, that's welcome.
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Veahavta is a Jewish humanitarian organization that offers several programs to help the homeless. One program is an outreach van (Mobile Jewish Response to Homelessness), which drives around downtown Toronto to provide food, drink, coffee, hygiene products and clothes directly to the homeless. The van is driven by a full-time employee, who is assisted by volunteers. I've volunteered several times. It appears that while the organization is not currently accepting volunteers due to COVID-19, the van is still operating by the staff.
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That's perfect. Thanks OSR.
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The Stop, in the Davenport area of Toronto, has shifted their priority to emergency food access. Providing hampers of food and take away meals. On Monday they distributed 340 meals, 30% more than usual. They have good standing in the community and are taking food from restaurants that are shut and distributing it as cooked, ready to eat. They are also including information about the outbreak and ways for the community to be safer since access to info is limited.
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Thanks five_cents.
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