Is there some sort of personal video studio in a box for people?
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You know those lighted photography boxes people use to take pictures of things for eBay? I want that for a person. Or several people, each getting the exact same setup. Something they could go in to and shoot short videos with. Just head and shoulders. Or frankly just head. There has to be something like that out there right?
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It sounds like you're looking for a softbox (or similar light-modifying diffuser) for continuous lighting - I like LED because they don't get as hot.

For waist-up shooting a single adult human, I'd go with a 20" by 30" size minimum. The box would be placed right outside the shot.

For a DIY approach you might be able to get similar results by using a very bright lamp (or work light) and then hanging a shower liner in front of it (not touching the bulb).
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We just bought this photo booth & it is definitely large enough to hold a person.
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