Help please - Website for Actors faces/Names
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Google-fu weak; cannot find a website that used to exist showing actors whose face you knew but whose name you didn't - anyone? (I even think that was almost the title...) TIA! db
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Are you thinking of "Hey it's That Guy" from the old Fametracker site? ( link) That used to be run by the "Television Without Pity" gang (who later ran

Here's a similar page showing some character actors faces.
posted by profreader at 3:20 AM on March 25

Are you thinking of "Hey It's That Guy!" -- it was a Fametracker site started by Wing Chun and Glark, famously also of Television Without Pity.
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Perfect, thank you - that's the one!
posted by DrtyBlvd at 3:39 AM on March 25

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