Google image search is showing child abuse material under related images
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I typed a bizzare but completely benign phrase into Google image search and under "related searches" there is child abuse phrases and thumbnails. How do I report that this search term is generating child abuse material?

I typed a completely innocuous phrase into Google image search - think "braids elbowed in the face" although that was not the phrase - and of course I got a ton of pictures of people with braids getting elbowed in the face. But under related searches is listed "13 year old middle school cute" "pretty 13 year old daughter" "cute 13 years old girl" and most alarmingly one of the thumbnails appears to be child abuse material. What the fuck ? How do I report this? I don't want to click any of the images but I want to report that this particular search term is generating child abuse material.
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For help removing the images from the internet completely, you can contact one of the organizations listed here. You can also follow the instructions listed here to make a complaint about Google Image Search results. Finally, this page is Google's official form for takedown requests for legal reasons, including imagery of child sexual abuse.
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If it was a standard Google search, there should be a "Send feedback" link at the bottom of the page that lets you submit a complaint and even include a highlighted screenshot of the results page.

edit: This feedback link is also on the Google Images homepage, but disappears when you actually do a search. If you're willing, I'd try doing a regular search of the phrase from the main Google homepage -- then if the suggestions/images show up there, use the "Send feedback" link on the bottom of that page to report the results.
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If you memail me the details - screenshot of the search terms etc, no need to click the images - I will ask Google directly. That is, as a member of the press. They get back to me pretty quick usually, and something like this is the kind of thing they actually want to hear about so they can crush it.
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Contact the Internet Watch Foundation.
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FYI, I contacted Google and they removed these results, which should help the system no longer display stuff like this in general in the future. I've sent more details to pintapicasso!

Google also recommends using the sites and tools listed here to report this kind of material if you happen to find it.
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