Political-legal types: What options exist for removing the president?
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Theoretically, not practically, as in impeachment counts as one option, even though last year's attempt was a non-starter. A lot of us know about the 25th Amendment as well. But what other remedies exist, if any?
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Death, resignation
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electing someone else (not guaranteed to work for current president).
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Well, we're having an election in a few months...
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dissolution of nation.
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Yes - maybe the virus will do it. And the rule of succession says if both VP & POTUS die, Speaker of the House becomes President.
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Historically, 9 presidents didn't finish their terms:
* 4 died of "natural causes" (heart attack, cerebral hemmorhage, pneumonia, gastroenteritis)
* 4 were assassinated
* 1 resigned

Theoretically, the 25th amendment.
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Vote him out, he almost lost the last time. Had some people not stayed at home the last time and voted. He would have lost and none of this would have happened.

So once again, vote him out. It's doable, he's not very popular, the economy is going under and he will be blamed for the mishandling of this pandemic. He can and will lose if people get serious about it.

If nothing, else then think about the following:

Is this the country that you want to live in? Is he who you want representing you at the international level? Do you want your country to be seen as a haven of nationalists that breeds hate for others outside of its borders? More importantly, do you want him to cause another catastrophe? This one hasn't even started and look how far it has gone.

If the answer to all of those questions is "no" then all you need to do is to go vote for someone other than him.
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Pedantry: Section 4 of the 25th Amendment doesn't remove the President. It makes the Vice President the Acting President, with the powers and duties of the President, as long as certain conditions are fulfilled, which may last indefinitely. But the President remains the President, just without the powers thereof.

Section 4 of the 25th Amendment has never been invoked, but Section 3 has (where the President declares themselves unable to fulfill their duties) three times, and uses similar language about the Vice President becoming Acting President. Once by Reagan, and twice by George W. Bush, whereupon George H. W. Bush and Dick Cheney, respectively, became Acting President. But Reagan and W did not cease to be President.
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P.S. the distinction is relevant in that the office of Vice President is not vacant while they are the Acting President, and thus they could not appoint a new Vice President.
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Vote him out, he almost lost the last time.

And as morbid it is to think about, the vote difference that handed Trump the election is likely to be smaller than the difference in the amount of people who believes Trump and friends when they say we should back to business as usual, verses those who follow the health experts and continue to do things like quarantining and whatnot. Trump is likely literally going to "kill" his re-election campaign by putting too many people that would have voted for him into their graves.
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