Teeny li'l noodles
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Thanks to the magic of ordering groceries over the internet and allowing the order picker to make substitutions, I have ended up with a rather large amount of narrow Amish egg noodles. What can I make with these?

I'm pretty sure I ordered medium or wide noodles, but the ones I ended up with are these. The noodles are about 1/8" wide and flat. They seem like they might be too delicate to make beef and noodles, or cabbage noodles. Are they?

My first thought was some kind of noodle soup, but the amount of noodles I have (3 bags!) would make a LOT of soup. What else can I do with them?
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A side dish with anything saucy.
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Noodle kugel! It's a carb-bomb, but it's delicious! Most recipes call for wider noodles, but my family's recipe always used the narrow ones, and that's what I'm used to. You get a much denser kugel that way.

https://toriavey.com/toris-kitchen/sweet-lokshen-kugel/ (Calls for wide, you can just use the narrow ones.)
https://smittenkitchen.com/2008/10/my-familys-noodle-kugel/ (Same, deal, you can use the narrow ones.)
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If you have a big pan of simmering chicken you can stuff these, uncooked, into every empty space in the pan. The noodles stick together and become very dumpling like and thicken the sauce.
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There's an Amish chicken-and-noodles that isn't chicken noodle soup, but more of a very thick stew, that's good with the narrow ones.

Or, yeah, butter them and eat them as a side dish.

Or they wouldn't be super traditional with green beans and bacon, at least not in the Midwestern German corner of my own personal extended family (they'd use spatzel), but they'd probably still be good.
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I also came in here to say kugel! There are recipes that are sweeter and some that are more savory. Choose what sounds good and go for it.
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And they're dried noodles: they'll keep.
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i use something similar to put these short ribs over. tip: these short ribs are even better if you cook them ahead of time, refrigerate and reheat the next day. Or cook overnight, refrigerate all day and reheat at night.
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In central Europe, we make poppyseed/walnut noodles, a sweet noodle dish. You cook the noodles first, drain, then stir in a bit of butter to coat the noodles, and finally mix liberally with a blend of powdered sugar, ground walnuts, and ground poppyseeds. Incredibly delicious.
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Egg noodles with butter and poppy seeds are a comfort food. Toasted sesame seeds are a good sub. Or make peanut sauce.
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This chicken spaghetti would work
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I mix them with pesto sauce and eat as a side, or with chicken on top. Decadent.
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This pasta tahdig (buttery, saffron-y pasta casserole with crispy outer crust) from Samin Nosrat for a Perso-Amish treat!
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Ok it turns out in this case the pasta is olive oil-y, parmesan-y, and tomato-y but probably still delicious...maybe with the egg noodles butter and saffron would actually work really well?
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Something like macaroni cheese, but with better cheese? I like making pasta with gorgonzola that way.
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Tuna noodle casserole.
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Suddenly I remembered: they look a lot like the pasta that the Genovese traditionally use for pesto. So pesto!
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We totally use noodles like this for cabbage and noodles. Our cabbage is ground and fried. I have some in the fridge right now.
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