I see what you made me make him do.
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Looking for a scene from a movie or tv: Out protagonist, a political operative of some sort, is sitting in a mostly empty auditorium, flipping through a book while listening with one ear to a small debate. An operative of a politician competing with our protagonists sits down closeby and asked what PO1 is reading. PO1 replies with a memorable quote from the book, and OP2 says "I'll steal that quote".

Later, the politian of PO2 is on stage in front of an audience and press, reading the quote, preambling it with "a wise man once said…".

Turns out the quote was a setup and it belonged to Goebbels or somesuch, causing a brouhaha.

Might have been from House of Cards, but I can't find it. Does this ring a bell?
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For some reason I’m thinking The Ides of March.
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I don't recall details, but Ides of March was my first thought as well.
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Is it possible it’s “Dwight’s Speech”?
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Argh, this is driving me nuts, I have definitely seen this scene. And I'm not familiar with Ides of March at all fwiw. My first thought was West Wing (not a show I've watched, but I've at least seen clips), but I'm not finding anything there.
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Sounds like could be Veep or The Thick of It?
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Oh, look what you've gone and made me do, I'm going to have to rewatch Ides of March. Oh no.

Might be from The Thick of it, but I haven't watched that many episodes of it and I remember the scene being played more straight, and I've yet to see more than a few clips of the Office or Veep or West Wing, so it's not that.
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Loved Ides of March, but I'm also pretty sure it's not from it. I'm definitely thinking CMcG's got it, though. It's nearly word-for-word your example.
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Just checked Dwight's Speech and it's not that – hadn't seen that bit before.

Been scrolling through Ides of March, but can't find the scene – will rewatch it properly, but the mood is as I'm remembering it. Am I conflating two different movies?
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Okay. The thing is, Dwight quotes Lenin and Mussolini in that episode thanks to Jim specifically pranking him by giving him quotes from dictators:
Portions of Dwight's speech are drawn from the speeches of Lenin ("No revolution is worth anything unless it can defend itself") and Benito Mussolini ("Blood alone moves the wheels of history"; "It is a privilege to fight [with them]!"). He also draws on Karl Marx , though it is from the book The Communist Manifesto and not a speech ("Workers [/salesmen and women] of the world, Unite").
I'm pretty familiar with Ides of March and I'm pretty sure the scene you are looking for is not in it.
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