Cool online interactive multiplayer kid friendly games with video chat
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Are there any other kid-friendly multiplayer games (Animal Crossing looks good, but we are switchless) that also has voice and or video chat, so they can see each other and talk to each other while playing?

I have a rambunctious 8 year old who's biding his time pretty well through this lock down (of course, its only 4 days in for us) I can see this going on for weeks (hopefully) but more likely
months. He has a handful of classmates and friends he happens upon in Roblox and Minecraft.

I introduced him to analog based Statego, and he loves it, there is an IOS multiplayer version of it, but I doubt other peers would find interesting, especially if there isn't the social interaction aspect that might make it a lot more fun.

I'm hoping for a platform that has video chat that goes along with a slew of turn-based or simple action games that would encourage them to interact with a fellow peer.

Its going to be a long stint from being able to interact live with their friends/peers

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Basically no child-friendly game platforms have video chat built in, for privacy/safety reasons. Depending on how you read the laws it may be illegal.

But! You can just run video chat in parallel to the game on a separate device or PC window. Facetime/google hangouts/skype work just fine for this, but the parents will have to get things started. Old tablets are great for this
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No video chat but another one my child is obsessed with is Animal Jam
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