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What is a good app or PC software for jamming with other musicians online? We tried Skype but there is a lag. I found JamKazam but am unfamiliar with it. Suggestions?
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A pretty similar question was asked three days ago -- you might find some answers there, though there doesn't appear to be any immediately identifiable magic solution.
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Yeah, the latency pretty much precludes it across most solutions.
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This gets asked fairly often in a musician's forum I frequent. The tl;dr is: You can't get the latency down to usable levels unless you're all in the same building, or your jam spaces all happen to be in the Network Operations Centers along one major trunk line.
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I had a reasonably successful jam earlier today with someone on the other side of town and someone about 75 miles away, using JamKazam. I've started writing up quick notes on how to get it going, since it's not obvious and the support site is offline.
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Never used it, but I hear people are doing real-time socializing with Zoom - like drinking parties and games like trivia and 'cards against humanity'..
Maybe it would work for you.
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This article just popped up in my email today: - 11 Tools For Collaborating On Music Remotely

And yeah, really the only two "live" collaboration tools suggested are JamKazam and Instagram Live.
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