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In honour of the Miss Fisher movie and indefinite isolation, I have a one month free trial of Acorn. What should I prioritise watching?
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If you like cozy mystery shows, there's a lot.

Going from lighthearted to more serious and moody: Mr and Mrs Murder, Agatha Raisin, Pie in the Sky, Queens of Mystery, My Life Is Murder (Lucy Lawless is great here), Murder in Suburbia, Midsomer Murders (21 seasons!), The Brokenwood Mysteries, and Vera.
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Miss Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries is a short series following Phryne’s niece.

Murdoch Mysteries is my favorite, you probably won’t hit all 12 seasons in a month, but each episode (with a few exceptions) is self-contained, so it’s easy enough to walk away mid-stream if you need to.

(Also thank you for the reminder, I’d forgotten about the movie!)
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My mother is chain-smoking about 4 episodes of Murdoch Mysteries a day. But from Hulu, not AcornTV.
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Slings and Arrows
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Nthing 'My Life is Murder' that one's awesome.
If you like the gorgeous clothes 'A Stitch in Time' is a fun few episodes of documentary about historical fashion.
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A Place to Call Home is like Downton Abbey Down Under. We also really enjoyed 800 Words.
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Line of Duty is amazing if you like police procedurals and if you do, it's not to be missed. The acting is top notch and each case lasts a season. The main cast are members of an anti-corruption team of police officers who investigate other police officers. I got Acorn just so I could watch the last season. I think it's the jewel in the crown of Acorn at the moment.
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Mystery Road, Foyle's War, Terry Pratchett's Going Postal
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Adding votes for both Slings and Arrows and 800 Words.
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Seriously, I love Time Team so much. It's wonderful, soothing, great for those times when you want to feel comforted by the existence of experts who like each other and are passionate about their work. Also, every once in a while, they uncover a Roman mosaic, and it's truly spectacular.
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Any of the '80s ITV/Granada productions (British)of Conan-Doyle, Agatha Christie, Colin Dexter...
They did a bunch and nobody else has ever come close to that quality.
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Hulu has only the first 7(?) seasons of Murdoch. We got Acorn in part because it had the rest.

Mr and Mrs Murder is a delight not least because of the wonderful leads and their relationship.
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I'm Canadian, I've seen Slings and Arrows. And I've seen a few episodes of A Stitch in Time, but I'm excited to get the rest.

I watched My Life is Murder, that was exactly what I wanted. I will work through these.

(I will almost certainly pay for at least one month of this, so that gives me lots of time to get through tv.)
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