Routine procedure in the midst of medical overload
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I get a colonoscopy every five years because of my family history. I'm worried about this year.

I'm a little concerned because by this summer, when I normally go around my birthday, things could be completely different (to say the least). I already tried getting extra meds and was told no by the insurance company, so I have not tried bargaining with them to see if I could do it now. I'd hate to put it off since who knows how long the current crises will go on, yet I don't believe insurance will authorize/pay if it's done early (it's government insurance and actually not too bad. My job closed indefinitely last week.) I suspect a letter from my doc might help--but I haven't been able to reach her at all since I saw her about 2 weeks ago. (Not like her.)
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Do not get an elective colonoscopy at all until covid-19 is under control. Your GI probably won't even perform one right now.
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My wife has friends whose cancer related surgeries are being put on hold until the crisis passes. This is probably a non issue I doubt any hospital or out patient center will do the procedure anytime soon. FWIW, colon cancer polyps are very slow growing, thus the reason most of us are on a 10-year schedule. Odds are good a 6-12 month delay, if it comes to that, isn't going to make a big difference.
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What is the rush? Why not aim for October or so since plus or minus a few months is unlikely to make much of a difference?
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Put it off - I have to get regular colonoscopies; think of it more like a dental check up than a scheduled surgery. As long as you are getting regular check up, a specific date is not such a big deal. You could mostly likely leave it a year and be fine. If you're worried just keep an eye out for other symptoms eg black stool etc.
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My oncologist just postponed my 6 month checkup from next week until late June. I think your doctor's scheduler will likely reach out to reschedule you, or you could proactively call them. Depending on where you are, as mentioned above, it's likely that your provider isn't doing routine care now, so it may not be an option.
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