Do I job search right now?
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I was going to job hunt....and then this crisis happened.

I am in a job that I don't really enjoy and that has a toxic environment. Right before this crisis hit, I was planning on on interviewing and starting that search. Now, this happened.

The good news is that now I am WFH and it's been relatively low stress. I am also paid well and it seems (reasonably) secure and not as impacted by Cov-19. I am also undergoing a medical procedure that will wrap up in a week. Yet I am not sure if I am adding much value.

I have a list of people that I was going to hit up and start asking about opportunities.

My main question is - do I start that search now? Or am I being incredibly stupid by optimizing for day to day happiness when I am in a very secure position at home? I am not sure if companies are even hiring right now as most seem to be about to do layoffs or hiring freezes.
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This is just anecdotal, but my company is continuing with hiring, interviewing, etc., using video/phone interviews. I don't know what industry you're in, but if as you say the industry isn't as impacted by Covid-19, I would take advantage of this WFH time to keep applying.
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I'd start that search. We've been under a shelter in place order for a week now and my company is still interviewing & hiring remotely.
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I’ve sent a couple applications. Can’t hurt. Even if they’re not interviewing right now, my application will be there when they start up again.
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There's no harm in looking. My company is still hiring and onboarding new employees even if they do immediately get sent home to work until further notice.
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Looking never hurts, but I wouldn't make any permanent decisions for at least a few weeks. Things are very much in flux right now, and there will be mass layoffs before this is through.
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Now is a great time to renew contacts and do some networking. Don't hold up your search. Even if you somehow stumbled into a really fast-moving offer, you can still give yourself time to make decisions, and most hiring processes take many weeks anyhow. But I agree that things are going to be unstable for a while. You may as well enjoy the relative security you have for the moment but use your time to explore possible future steps. A 'soft search,' if you will.
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Go ahead and do it. My company is continuing with our previously planned hiring and has transitioned everything to video interviews. Do be prepared for interview experiences that might be a little less polished than usual, as well as for companies to change their hiring plans quickly as it's an uncertain time for everyone.
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Start the search. Job searches take weeks and months to really get going, anyway, and you can re-assess your situation as needed when you have an offer in hand. You know you want to change jobs, everything else is just theoretical at this point.

Responses to the current situation vary by industry and by company. My industry (video games) seems to be fine as a whole for now and my company is continuing to hire in earnest, so yes (some) companies are still hiring.
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My office cancelled summer students, but that was mostly calculating that these are employees who are learning and need a lot of in person mentorship at a time when all employees are working from home, and that those are typically only four month long contracts.

There are some positions that are long term that companies will need despite Covid-19. Also, if others are not looking because they are wondering the same thing, that may help your chances.

Finally, with a lot of people (who are not actively managing the Covid stuff) having extra time, it could be a great time to do informational interviews. I know I have spent a lot of time reaching out to old colleagues, and connecting just because I'm at home, and I have had time to work on projects that were long neglected now that I'm not interrupted to nearly the same degree that I was at the office. Honestly, if someone were to ask me for an hour of my time now, it would be an easy yes.
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