What US laws are changing (or have already changed) because of COVID?
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What federal laws and regulations in the United States are changing (or have already changed) to deal with COVID?

My wife and I were talking last night about the changes to HIPAA and CMS billing that the federal government just made in order to allow for a massive expansion of telehealth, all as a way of dealing with COVID. She's a therapist at a major hospital system and the changes just in the last two weeks to the way she's practicing have been dizzying. We were wondering what else is changing at the federal level to adjust to our new hellish reality. Things that are already changed, things that are proposed, things that actually address a real problem, or things that the GOP is trying to sneak in because they're dispicable monsters (we heard a rumor from a teacher friend that there's a proposal to suspend IDEA and other special ed laws?), anything goes. If there's a consolidated list of changes that someone's keeping that would be even better. Thanks, and stay safe out there folks.
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This library guide from UCLA is a round up of direct legal responses to the epidemic and existing laws that are becoming relevant. It's a work in progress but aims to cover federal and some states. I haven't read it in detail, nor am I familiar with the US.

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This is great, thanks to you both!
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