Hungry Mother Runner
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Since the 'shelter in place' started a week ago, I've been running everyday. Now I am starving beyond belief. What can I eat to help with this?

I don't run very long or far (only about 20-30 minutes everyday to destress), but dear god, I am now starving all the time. I don't have a specialized diet - I eat meat, carbs, dairy etc. I've heard that kefir, cheese and yogurt/cottage cheese help, but they don't help me. I'm famished. What can I eat to solve this?
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Almond butter.
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For sustained satiation, you need all three macronutrients, in the forms of complex carbohydrates plus protein, as well as fiber.
For example: oats (granola, oatmeal) plus protein (full fat yogurt, cottage cheese) fat (nuts and seeds) and fiber (diced apple, raspberries).
A smoothie could include a banana and berries , protein powder or yogurt, a tablespoon of peanut butter, or avocado, or chia and hemp seeds.
Eggs, a potato/ sweet potato, and a green veggie could also be a post workout snack.
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When I was running a lot in 40-50 degree weather, I used to drink cans of coconut milk, more often than not with egg yolks stirred in. You can get near on thousand calories in you in astonishingly short order.
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If you are only running for 20-30 minutes, you are probably burning 300-500 calories. I'm wondering if some of the ravenous hunger might be related to anxiety rather than running per se. If that makes any sense, then adding meditation or other anxiety reducing actives to the mix might help.
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A single hard boiled egg is really filling before or after a run and has only about 70 calories.
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With that length of run, you likely don't need to add a lot more calories - maybe one more hearty snack, or a larger portion added to 1-2 meals per day. The feeling of hunger may decrease when you continue running for a couple more weeks.

You also may need more water/electrolytes? After longer runs I used to drink water with a pinch of salt and maple syrup or honey added

Snack suggestions: hard boiled egg, egg on toast, protein shake, avocado, trail mix, jerky, a serving of cheese and crackers, fruit in Greek yogurt, granola and milk/yogurt
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You know how Grape-Nuts cereal is nutritionally dense, but inedible? Not if you mix it with a packet of instant oatmeal. While that's getting hot and soft, stir in a spoonful (or a big scoop) of protein and sugars - peanut butter and honey, or yogurt and jam.
You get a quick boost from the fruit sugars, then the instant oatmeal and the protein burn together, and the Grape-Nuts take hours to burn off. It's like making a fire - tinder, kindling, then logs.
It's the kind of breakfast where I look around at 2pm as if I forgot something; oh yeah, lunch.
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A banana.
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Another 'omigod I need CALORIES NOW' quickie is a beany/meaty chili on top of a bowl of rice. Just open a can, heat it up and dump it on top of leftover rice in a hurry. (My personal pantry staple is those little tubular packets of saffron rice; a couple of those and a couple cans of turkey chili will either feed you for 48 hours, or be your second afternoon meal eaten over the sink, earned by postholing through deep snow for several hours or whatnot.)
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Another vote for actually thirsty. Drink extra water before you run.

That said, when I'm getting back into swimming after a break, I'm stupid hungry for a couple weeks. The best thing I found was scheduling meals to provide a foil to the hunger. And drinking more water.
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Small modification to the banana suggestion: peanut butter banana and a big glass of water or warm cup of tea.

Also, do you run in the morning? Through experimentation I learned I get less hungry if I hydrate, just have my coffee with a splash of milk before running, and eat my usual breakfast afterward. I was afraid to run before a meal but as I’m only out for 30 mins, I haven’t felt hungry or faint.
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