Post-surgical help in Las Vegas, NV
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A friend in Las Vegas, NV is being sent home from the hospital early after an emergency heart surgery, because his doctor wants to minimize his risk of contracting coronavirus in the hospital. He still needs a lot of help, and isn't sure how to get it. Are there resources I can recommend to him?

A friend of mine had an emergency triple bypass surgery on March 17. His doctor told him today that he will be discharged tomorrow, because it is so important that he avoid contracting coronavirus, and the risk in the hospital is high. My friend is terrified at this prospect, as he is not yet capable of basic self care and mobility. He does not have health insurance.

He made a FB post explaining all of this, and I am hopeful that he will find local helpers from his social circle there, but so far there is no clear savior. I am on the other side of the country, and offered to do some research about any government or charity organizations that might be able to help him. As I started trying to research, I realized that I don't even know where to start on that stuff, especially since organizational availability is likely changed due to coronavirus.

He has already been advised to request/demand to see a hospital social worker before allowing them to discharge him. There has also been talk about inpatient cardiac rehab facilities, though I don't know whether those will admit him without insurance.

What can I do to help locate more resources? If you don't know of specific orgs, can you recommend me search terms to use? I believe that he will need some type of nursing care, probably beyond the scope of the mutual aid organizations that have been popping up to help those in need with grocery runs.

Thank you for any advice/direction.
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Best answer: The Community Health Worker Program in Nevada may be able to offer assistance with finding services and possibly health insurance. Based on the locations listed for the Las Vegas region, Nevada Health Centers may be the best place to contact first for a Community Health Worker.

I also suggest contacting the Nevada Care Connection's suggestion of the Aging and Disability Services Division-Las Vegas for referrals and to see if they can offer services - they serve all ages and your friend is disabled right now.

There is also the Nevada 2-1-1 referral service, which offers a variety of referrals by phone and online (Disability Services).
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Best answer: Is your friend eligible for Medicare? I believe it should cover several weeks (4? 6? I forget) in a skilled nursing facility, plus home health aide visits by a nurse, PT and OT specialists for a month or so after that runs out. His hospital should have case workers who advocate for and assist with post-discharge services. [Source: I’m currently dealing with this shit for my father, who had emergency vascular surgery a few weeks ago, just as Covid-19 got real for the US.]
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Best answer: For questions about Medicare, Medicare Rights offers a National Helpline at 1-800-333-4114 to answer questions from people with Medicare, their family members and friends. (via the MeFi Wiki ThereIsHelp page, Help with Health Insurance section)
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Best answer: Has the hospital helped him apply for Medicaid?
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Best answer: The hospital social worker should be who he is speaking to. The situation on the ground with nonprofits and organizations helping people is so highly variable right now, you are going to want somrone who is doing this stuff everyday. More importantly how is he even getting home?
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