Make a simple live-action interactive character that you click on?
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I'm a medical clown in children's hospitals – now locked out due to Covid – looking for ways to stay connected to patients digitally. I'd love to film a bunch of videos of me doing silly things, and present them as an interactive avatar. A web interface with an image of me that a kid can click on (or click buttons next to me) to make me dance, sing, blow bubbles, fart, etc. How?

I'm hoping there is an off-the-shelf solution for this that would be easy to use, as opposed to getting something coded. Something where I can regularly update the videos and buttons myself. We have a team of 70 clowns, so if it can be easy for all of them to make their own video avatars, that would be brilliant. Our program just got suspended a few days ago and our regular patients are already missing us.
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Maybe searching for something like the Subservient Chicken web page would help?
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Not exactly Subservient Chicken, but if the requests aren't too complex maybe you could do an interactive Youtube video?
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Twine might work for you - people do some pretty non-linear stuff in it. Another option might be Webflow, which only charges money if you make the site live so you can try it out to see if it suits your needs.
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