Why is my zoom stream to facebook live stopping abruptly?
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I'm trying to use zoom to stream a split-screen remote interview to facebook live. It works fine for a while, but after a few minutes it cuts out, with a message saying "Your facebook live video has ended". I'm trying to figure out why this might be, and how I could possibly fix it.

As a side/related question: If anyone has a better/smarter/easier way to stream a split-screen remote interview online - either on facebook or elsewhere. I'd welcome that. I'm looking for something as easy as possible to set up. I'd like it to end up on FB live (because I like the social components) but at this point I'm open to other solutions, too.
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I saw a news clip yesterday that Zoom has been overwhelmed with all the new users. Sorry, I can't remember where I saw it. It was a blip notification on my phone and I didn't note the source.

So probably not you.
posted by citygirl at 1:24 PM on March 23

In the end: I used be.live for this. It was easier to set up than zoom, better suited for my purposes, and worked without trouble...
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