I need virtual gift suggestions!
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I need suggestions about virtual Easter gifts for my kids in case we can't find/order physical gifts. I'm looking for apps, games, movies, things like that. We have an iPad, Kindles, Amazon Prime, Android phones, and a Nintendo Switch.

Our kids:

11-year-old boy who loves steampunk, history, BattleBots, science fiction, drawing, and antiques. He reads and is a huge nature lover. He likes to play Pokemon.

9-year-old girl who also loves history, as well as politics (she's a Democrat and huge believer in the benefits of capitalism), conservation, reading (especially emotional, epic tales), and drawing. She likes to play Stardew Valley.

6-year-old girl who loves fashion, is fascinated with pregnancy, and is dedicated to studying all forms of biology.

All three play Prodigy Math, so I was thinking of paying for a month of their premium membership (it usually comes out of their allowance). I'd love any other suggestions!
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Would magazine subscriptions fit the bill? We've done them from the Cricket Media group before and they've generally been well received. Older kids might like National Geographic, Discover, or Smithsonian.
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Would they like an online class in the topic that interests them? My kid took a Warrior Cats fan fiction writing course at outschool.com for fun & really enjoyed it. Maybe you could find an online drawing or fashion design course somewhere?
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A month of subscriptions seems delightful, they can then use their allowances to choose stuff. Are you redecorating to recognize the change in seasons? Picking out only pale throws and cushion covers, Adonis gardens of grass or radishes, everybody gets together and paints cheerful colored bunting?

I’m looking forward to washing my windows, what with staring out of them so much more than usual.
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