Number of confirmed Coronavirus cases worldwide by day?
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Is there a dataset somewhere that shows, in a table, the number of confirmed cases of Coronavirus worldwide on a day by day basis? I've seen a number of graphs, but haven't been able to find the actual values in a table that I can download. Thanks.
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Per the data sources footnote at the COVID-19 Cases Map by John Hopkins University CSSE their data is available as a downloadable database on GitHub. You can access it here.
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WHO daily situation reports, if a table in a PDF will work for you.
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I am glued to this site. It updates very often.

EDIT: Table on this page.
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Just be careful with this: Thousands of COVID-19 scam and malware sites are being created on a daily basis [ZDNet]
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Kevin Drum updates this at his blog each day using data from John Hopkins. Google his name and you can find the blog.
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One of the best places I've see for accurate data is the COVID Tracking Project. Most other tracking sites rely on CDC data, but the problem with this is that this lags several days behind state reports. The COVID Tracking Project independently collects and cleans state data resulting in a much more accurate picture of reality. Here’s an example of how the two datasets differ.

All their data is available in a spreadsheet and they also have provided an API so others can utilize it.
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