How to help my community affected by the coronavirus?
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I'm in the San Francisco Bay Area, on the Peninsula. I consider myself fortunate to be healthy and safe and am troubled by all the news of local restaurants and businesses, plus millions of residents, who are severely impacted. How can I help local businesses and families directly while practicing social distancing?

In particular, I have a ton of UberEats credit points and am happy to send restaurant orders to families or local institutions but not sure who would accept orders from a random internet person. Ideas? Read through this about online volunteering, which is good in general, but looking for local ideas.
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Best answer: The city of San Mateo is maintaining a list of volunteer needs.
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Best answer: Ask your local Catholic Charities, I'm in the same boat and they seem to be the best situated group in terms of putting money and other things in people's hands asap, with the minimum of questions asked. I was hoping for a non-religious charity but they all make people jump through ridiculous hoops.

You can also give them straight to a women's shelter.
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Best answer: see if there is a mutual aid document in your area. most of this has been organized through facebook. many people are posting their venmo/paypal information for those out of work / laid off. there are many people there would would gladly accept aid from an internet stranger. not necessarily local to your area, but Ericka Hart has a twitter thread where Black freelancer and business owners are posting their venmo/paypal

buy gift cards to your favorite local businesses.

there are a lot of people who want to volunteer and that's awesome. see if you can plug into an existing group that has existing infrastructure so you're not duplicating efforts. again, see what you can find on facebook or twitter (apologies if you're not a social media user). there's a lot of really incredible efforts happening there.
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Best answer: South Bay Mutual Aid. I'm trying to convince my elderly parents to use this to have someone go to the grocery store for them.
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Best answer: Here is a list of mutual aid efforts organized by area.
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Best answer: here's a list that meets many of your asks - volunteer, political and financial!

List for Allies on How to Help During Coronavirus
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Response by poster: Thank you all, you give me hope in these uncertain and dark times!
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