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I've been using Google forms for daily formative assessments in my formerly face to face classes. Is there a way for students to check if they've completed them all? Not using Google classrooms.

In Moodle, I know how to set up badges and conditionally open activities that rely on completion of an arbitrary number of tasks.

I didn't set these up in Moodle, though. More students actually do them when they get an email every day.

Now that things have changed, I'd like to make it easier for students to check their progress, and to go back to reattempt quizzes they haven't mastered.

Is this possible?

If not, is it possible to output grades from dozens of forms into one Excel sheet so I can just use conditional formatting to get me most of the way there?
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I would say the solution to this problem IS Google Classroom, which you're not using; it does exactly what you want.

To answer your last question, you can output the results of each form all into one Google spreadsheet (instead of the default, which is to create a new spreadsheet of results for each form). On the responses tab of the form, click on the three dots to the left of the picture of the green spreadsheet up in the top right corner of the form box (not the top of the screen), then select 'select response destination'. You want to 'create new spreadsheet' for the first form and then 'select existing spreadsheet' for all the other forms so they all end up on one.
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If my institution is not using Google classroom, is it possible to set up classroom on my own?

Thanks for the second tip. I've seen that option before but totally forgot about it.
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