Is there software to run a physical book swap?
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Is there any open-source (preferred) or commercial software that would help facilitate a physical book swap?

I live in California, and our schools and (more importantly) our PUBLIC LIBRARIES are closed due to COVID-19. During the closures, I'd like to set up a book swap for my 5th grade and 3rd grade children's friends--the idea being that kids could list the books they have to swap, then make requests to borrow certain titles, and I'd do the pick up and delivery of books via bicycle.
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You can use BookCrossing for this. Books can be listed as 'available' and members can also make a wish list. The site is free to use. It's mostly meant for tracking books that you leave behind for strangers to find, but it's also absolutely fine to use it for something like this.

Children younger than 13 need to use the website under guidance of a parent or other grownup, but I don't think that will be a problem in this case.
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