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I need help to access an episode from the old black and white Superman TV show from the 1950's, that starred George Reeves.

I think these are available to purchase on YouTube, but I'd appreciate help to zone in on the particular episode. Here's the story I remember (from childhood, so this may be somewhat garbled):

Jimmy Olson and Lois Lane are being held captive, I think in a cave. The evil-doer has bound them in paper chains, but hypnotized them to believe that the situation is hopeless because the chains are iron.

It goes on from there... I think maybe Clark Kent shows up but Lois and Jimmy are adamant that he won't be able to help them because the chains are unbreakable... except maybe by Superman!

At any rate the way I remember the show it makes a great point about the power of belief. This is one of the themes in the work I do professionally, and the context for why I'd like to get a hold of the episode. Thanks!
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Maybe something in this List of Adventures of Superman episodes will ring a bell?
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Best answer: Drums of Death (Season 1, Episode 18)

Perry and Clark head to Haiti to rescue Jimmy and Perry's sister Kate (Mabel Albertson) from the voodoo priest they were sent to film. The priest hypnotizes Kate and Jimmy to keep them docile, and makes them believe that the flimsy paper chains around their wrists are made of heavy iron.
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Drums of Death
(YT, available for purchase)
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