How to get Google Drive and Outlook/Exchange to play nicely?
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My division chief prefers using Google Drive over Outlook/Office 365 for scheduling and group files. I can get the calendars to talk to each other (sort of) but is there a way to grant Google Drive access to my work email so I don't have to keep reminding her to add my personal gmail?

We have a lot of things changing right now due to COVID-19 restrictions, including department schedules. For scheduling purposes, a Google Sheet was just sent from [chief] (her personal email) to [basalganglia]@[work].edu. When I click to open, it defaults to my personal email [basalganglia] which has view but not edit access.

Things I have tried but don't work:
1. Copy hyperlink in outlook, paste into browser tab. (This fails regardless of whether I am signed into gmail or not.)
2. Forwarding the email from to
3. Sharing the hyperlink with gmail. However it looks like the permissions are set such that the link provides view but not edit access.
4. Signing in to Google with my work email address. (As expected, this failed, but I thought I'd give it a try....)

I was able to set up a workaround for meetings on the shared Google Calendar by adding it to my Outlook Calendar, although syncing is a bit wonky. Is there a similar work-around for Google Drive? Or is this a no-go because of the way permissions are set on the original document (i.e. Chief has to change permissions to "anyone with the link can edit" or add my personal gmail to the document)
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This Google Support page makes it sound like you can associate your work email address with your private google account and give you access that way.
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Thank you! That worked great.
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You might also care to set up a second Gmail account purely for work purposes, and sign into that using a private browsing or incognito mode tab so that Gmail doesn't automatically see your browser as already signed in with your personal Google credentials.
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Gmail doesn't automatically see your browser as already signed in with your personal Google credentials.

You can be logged into multiple google accounts in a single browser, and if your “primary” account doesn’t have access it will ask if you want to switch to another account. (We use Google Suites at work, so I often am logged in with both work & personal and switch from one to the other as needed).
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