How to keep our younger kids connected.
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I need help to come up with a way to help my 7 year old stay connected with their first grade class. I would like a way that kids could share pictures with their friends, celebrate birthdays, plan time to play prodigy together online, etc. and for parents to connect about how they are handling homeschooling and keeping kids happy and healthy in this surreal situation. I know Facebook groups would do all of this but I know there are parents who are anti-Facebook in the class so I am looking for other suggestions.
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It won’t solve your larger problem, but one of my colleagues has signed up for a free Zoom account and hosts a video call for her kid’s class so they can have “recess”.
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Our extroverted 8-year old is doing multiple 1 on 1 video chats with her friends per day, and honestly I think it the main thing keeping her sane. She has done some group ones as well, and I know the other second grade class did a full-class zoom. It might be overkill, but you could also set up Slack workspace for the parents.
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