What can I do with instant oatmeal?
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While cleaning out my cupboards, I found a kg of instant oatmeal. It turns out I don't like to eat it as a hot cereal. What else can I do with it?

I tried reconstituting the instant oatmeal with hot water as directed and found the texture very different from regular oats. It sort of dissolves into a smooth, stiff paste unpleasantly reminiscent of raw bread dough.

(I know many people in the U.S. consider raw dough a treat, but I do not enjoy it.)

I usually eat steel-cut oats boiled into a porridge that still has some hint of individual grains, or else rolled oats soaked briefly in milk like a cold cereal.

Is there any way to prepare instant oats that produces a texture like either of those? Or else to hide it entirely in some other food? Maybe I can slip small quantities into soups as a thickening agent?
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I put small quantities into smoothies. Extra fiber...
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If you have a food processor, try processing it into oat flour and substituting it for some of the regular wheat flour. I've done this with cookies but I imagine it would work with bread too.
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Great to add to a bath if you have itchy skin. Just put in a sock or nylon so it doesn't get all over the bathtub.
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Cookies! I like no-bake chocolate oatmeal cookies.

I also use it as a thickener for veggie burgers.

Nth-ing needs more cowbell. Blended dry oatmeal is also a substitute for breadcrumbs.
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Since you like the cold rolled oats in milk, I'd try preparing the instant stuff the same way and see if the texture is any better. You could also try seeing how much instant oatmeal you can mix in with regular oatmeal before you start noticing the consistency.
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Cookies or quick bread.
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I like tossing in handful of (un-prepared) oats to a bowl of yogurt to add a little texture. I think instant would probably work fine for that purpose.
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Make granola bars!
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Overnight oats? Put it in yogurt, smoosh it down, and maybe wait half an hour instead of the customary overnight?
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Some people mix it into rice and other grains for extra fiber.
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cookies and breads.
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There's the instant oatmeal pancake recipe I posted last year.
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This no bake oatmeal cookie recipe is a family favorite that uses instant oats if they don't have other flavors mixed in
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A more self-indulgent suggestion: Atholl Brose?
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I blend some into my protein smoothies.

I make oat flour with the blender for banana bread, and as a bonus toss a handful of the whole, unblended oats into the batter for a nice hearty bread.
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Put a third of a cup or so into meatloaf or meatballs. Seriously. The oats will dissolve and won't be noticeable on their own, but they're an excellent binder. My meatloaf always comes out perfectly solid and sliceable.
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Meatloaf or meatballs instead of breadcrumbs.
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Mix with melted butter and use it as the crisp for apple crisp.
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Banana Oat Yoghurt Muffins! I add blueberries or chocolate chips as well.
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Do you have an Instant Pot?


(Once tried this with almond butter instead of peanut butter and raspberries instead of chocolate chips, and it was gooood.)
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The famous Nieman-Marcus cookies use 5 cups, and will totally work with instant.
The make enough for an army, though, so you might want to have them.
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In Scotland, they make oatcakes, which are barely sweetened, if at all, kind of dry, and I love them. Easy to make. They're traditional, so recipes vary a lot.
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What brand is it? I agree with the milk solution, or at least adding a bit to the bowl so it's not a paste. Without seeing its dissolved state myself, it honestly just sounds like a bit more liquid could help.
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Another option is trying your hand at making homemade oat milk, which seems to be all the rage as a nondairy milk lately. There are a bunch of recipes online. If the simplest ones aren't good I would try blending in some kind of oil and maybe some sugar, especially if you're trying to use it in coffee.
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