Athleisure / work-from-home clothes from small or smallish businesses?
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After less than a week of working from home, I've realized that I don't have nearly enough t-shirts, sweatshirts, leggings, sweatpants, cozy socks etc. I'd ideally like to buy these items online from small-to-medium sized businesses. Bonus points for purchases that support: workers who have lost work due the current crisis, efforts against Covid-19, and progressive causes.

I know that the general advice is to dress in your normal work clothes while working from home, but I find I'm doing better and being more productive when I'm physically comfortable! My employer also directly stated that athleisure and/or casual clothing is fine for internal meetings held via video conference, which represent the vast majority of my work.


- I'm based in the US, but open to products from anywhere as long as they can be shipped to the US;

- I'm a woman, but I'm totally open to unisex or men's clothing, too;

- It doesn't matter if the products will take a long time to arrive - while I'm currently working from home due to social distancing measures, my employer has indicated that they are likely to be much more flexible on working from home even after the current crisis is over.

- Along with specific stores, I'm also interested in centralized/curated lists (like Helen Rosner's list of restaurant merchandise.)

- While I'd prefer to buy from small or smallish businesses, I'm also tentatively open to larger businesses that treat their employees well and are taking specific measures to protect employees' health and financial stability during the pandemic.

Thanks so much for your help - I'm looking forward to being the coziest person in my (home) office!
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Best answer: Decent Exposures is in Seattle. Great little company that does custom work.
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Best answer: I've been living in my Greater Than Sports leggings while working from home. They are ethically produced in the USA. Also good for living room yoga sessions.
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Best answer: TomboyX has mostly underwear (I think they started as underwear only) but they have some loungewear too. I haven’t tried any of the loungewear but I have some underwear and I’m very happy with it. They claim to be ethically made too.
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Best answer: Superfit Hero leggings are the best I've ever worn. They have a new jogger set and t-shirts and stuff too! They're a small business that's aggressively body-positive, and work to boost local trainers.
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Best answer: Is Betabrand still small? Their Dress Pants Yoga Pants hit the sweet spot for me of comfort and feeling dressed to get work done. I sleep in them sometimes. But if you have to start going to the office again, you'll still be able to wear them.
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Best answer: Big Bud Press is your jam! Made in LA, and they have closed their retail stores but are saying they are still paying wages & benefits to their workers and still paying the contractors who sew the clothes for as long as they can. They could use your business and they have beautiful sweats and tees in amazing colors and lots of sizes.
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Best answer: Big Bud Press is woman-owned and all of the manufacturing is done ethically in Los Angeles. Employees are fairly paid and while retail locations are closed, the mail order portion of the business is still running and FREESHIP as a coupon code gets you free shipping. I've been super happy with the quality overall and the short sleeved jumpsuit fits me like it was made for me.
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Best answer: Pact has good quality basics, fair trade organic cotton and very affordable. I’ve bought t-shirts, leggings, onesies for kids and pajama bottoms from them and they’re all great. Very soft cotton, very comfy.
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Best answer: TomboyX pajama/lounge pants are the jam. Super soft, high quality cotton, excellent pockets, just feel amazing to wear.
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Best answer: Yana Dee in Michigan. Small business, ethically made clothes, lots of comfy options.
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Best answer: Kin Ship Goods from my home state of West Virginia! They closed their storefront but are still shipping, I believe.

I'm less sure what their story is, but the only running shorts I will wear are from Senita.
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Best answer: I've recently bought several items from tentree and they're incredibly comfy.
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Best answer: Not sure what your price point is, but I'm currently wearing cashmere joggers (bought on sale) from Nadaam and they're amazing. Looks like they've mostly switched over to a spring/summer collection, but maybe that works better for your locale anyway.

They pay pretty good lip service to sustainability, etc., and did send an email saying that their retail stores are closed and other employees are working from home, but I confess I haven't dug very deep into their claims.
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Best answer: You don't get much smaller than Ureshii, which is good quality, super comfy, and totally presentable out in public.
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Best answer: Nooworks all the way!
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Response by poster: You are all spot on - thanks so much! Marking all as best answers, but feel free to add more suggestions!
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Best answer: I just found boathouse the other day, they have stock and custom team sportswear, made in Philadelphia, and a lot of the fabric also seems to be made in the US (but not all).
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